Isolation – II is the second installment of the isolation series compilation from the deep ambient/techno label Faint. Moody atmospheric soundscapes float above the tectonic movements of heavy drones and rhythmic bass. Each track is like a beacon calling out to the grey skies from lonely satellite arrays atop eternal geographic formations, searching for contact […]

Vallées Polaires by Hiemal is a long-form ambient trek into desolate valleys between frozen mountains. The music moves with the speed and power of colossal glaciers and lonely behemoths. Each track seems to reach up to touch the troposphere and gently falls back down through the crystalline fog, seized by gravity.

Dream Chambers is an ethereal collaborative work by the late Mount Shrine and Alphaxone. The album sends the listener far into the cosmic repository of imagination where nightmares coexist with angelic visions. Massive elysian drones are shrouded by airy celestial atmospheres continuously building into an ever-changing monument of collective thought. (R.I.P. Cesar Alexandre)

Seafields by Moss Covered Technology is a reflective and comforting moment in time captured by the artist. The music breathes positive ions and hope into an otherwise dark period of disquiet uncertainty. Atmospheric swells erode shapes and lines in the sand pulling back into warm pensive drones and suspended clouds of ambient bioluminescence.

Our Own Unknown is ambient sound artist Austin Rockmans full length follow up to his debut Plum God. Quiet, dusty atmospheres of electroacoustic static and gentle field recordings accentuate the warm inner layers of processed guitar notes and noise. With an experimental and divergent approach in improvised guitar style, the music maneuvers into some truly […]

Flannan Isles. December, 1900 is a ghostly dark ambient album by Sleepless Specter. A subdued and eerie drama with the depth of an oceanic scale. The expansive melancholic stillness and oppressive slow churning drones are engulfing, interrupted only by muted rumbles and atmospheric whispers. “Inspired by the December, 1900 Mystery of the Three Missing Keepers […]

Star Mapping by Logic Moon is a self released digital EP containing 3 tracks of blissed out celestial Ambient/Neo-Classical. The album opens with shimmering tension as the layers begin to meander along an elusive trail of deep piano notes. At it’s peaks, elegant string arrangements slowly dance in harmony with ambient guitar behind hazy veils […]

“Ground. The Gentle” by Jeannine Schulz meets the listener at the edge of actuality. The intricate music fills empty space with an atmosphere of surrealism that slowly drifts to the earth like fine particles in beams of light. Diverse instrumentation and patiently sparse melodic structures are woven into this albums comforting and emotive arrangements.   […]

.612 by Thamel is an epic, improvised modular ambient excursion into passionate noise-walls and frenetic auditory cascades. Melodic percolations ignite catharsis and slow motion explosions of deep harmonic warmth. The album is an unrelenting release of melancholy, gripping the listener and dragging them paralyzed into the dust storm. “Titles were inspired by Barjavel’s novel ‘La […]

Root Cellar Inventories is a new series from Tone Harvest that will slowly compile and rotate cathartic favorites from the harvest into musical cornucopias with multi genre ingredients. Tone Harvest · Root Cellar Inventories – Mix I 1. From Within I – Raphael Weinroth-Browne 2. From Within II – Raphael Weinroth-Browne 3. Weave – Jesse […]

Australian Bushfire Compilation from Touched Music – Roel Funcken An important and poignant compilation of amazing ambient/electronic artists curated by Roel Funcken (Funckarma) (with assistance from Julien Mier) for the Australians for Animals for Koala Habitat Fund NSW (Land Habitat Acquisition Project). Sleeplaboratory2.0 from Whitelabrecs Restful and immersive ambient compilation from Whitelabrecs featuring an array […]

Against Civilization by dark ambient artist Apocryphos is a desolate and melancholic soundtrack to the fall of our civilized world and the deterioration of humanity. Glaring guitar melodies seep through the dark smog to scold the evils of mankind while falling deep into the depths of a dreamy and sobering atmosphere. Stark soundscapes set the […]

Shadows of Forgotten Legends is a triple collaborative effort from Cryo Chamber alumni Alphaxone, ProtoU and new blood Onasander. The music slowly sinks into the dark depths of the sea where sleeping giants rest undisturbed but for the creaking hulls of wooden ships above. Deep ominous bass lay beneath textured ambient currents like the monsters […]

Our Last Dream by bassist and ambient artist Crows Labyrinth is musical elegance in long-form. Patient melodic evolutions interweave throughout a dense soundscape riding slow waves of harmony and deep bass that moves the earth below. The improvised composition is like a dream to end all dreams, a vivid expanse of lush sonic texture that […]

The forthcoming album Latitudes from Danish artist Lauge is a free flowing ambient expedition. A musical trek through expansive atmospherics and dense electronic drones whose peaks are caressed by gentle billowing stratus clouds. Poignant improvisations cascade over the sides of mental cliffs like waterfalls carrying the listener into the warm plunge pools below. Emotions amass […]

Carolina by zakè from Polar Seas Records is a gentle tonal respite to the lush and warm woodlands of the south. The music evokes a sense of natural reverence and hushed joy beneath a canopy of vibrant processed field recordings. The soft ambient loops are like captured moments of elation, faded reruns ready to be […]

The Mind Wanders by Two Hands | One Engine is a seamless drift through the deepest inner valleys where thought flows freely between the hazy mountains of existence. Tense melodic passages slowly erode creating cavernous and soulful soundscapes that sit on the periphery of despair. The music captures perfectly our mind and spirits propensity for […]

Create Light / Form Darkness from Our Transient Lives is a pair of opposing ambient post-rock songs representing a metaphysical skirmish between darkness and light. Bright sonic radiance fills the darkest corners of the mind with warm guitar drones and sparkling soundscapes like a comforting lantern at twilight. The brilliance then fades into the night […]

Path to the Stars by ambient cosmonaut JAJA is a slow and untethered drift into the dark and endless void of deep space. Ominous long-form drones, illuminated by the warmth of distant starlight, fade into dark matter like the dust particles of a comets tail. The listener will feel like a floating stellar object, an […]

Oblivion by Liquid Memoirs pulls the listener high up into a warm and hazy atmosphere far above the noisy cities and busy highways. Slowly evolving melodies lay in abeyance within lush and gentle soundscapes provoking deep introspection within the clouds. This album opens a pathway in the mind to reconnect with the inner self, a […]

Dystopian Gate by Alphaxone is a glimpse into a dark and polluted future filled with the sounds of slow moving craft, advanced technologies and the warm hum of machines that pervade the empty city streets. Baleful analog pads and ominous bass tones lurk beneath the foul air as sparse melodic structures form in the distance […]

Everything Exists Somewhere by Reverberant Evenings takes the listener far off into a golden melancholic horizon. The last rays of daylight glare at the onset of the evening darkness illuminating atmospheric fields with a radiating glow of optimism. Ominous tensions move the minimal drones slowly forward through calm and hazy evolutions, underscoring haunted and harmonious […]

Infinite Distances by Olga Wojciechowska from A Strangely Isolated Place lives in complete harmony within its genres, expertly weaving them together, calm and unnoticed. The albums rich layers of texture and delicate atmospheres spread out into the infinite distance on soft currents of emotive instrumentation and sparse rhythmic patterns. The music is a potent concentrate […]

A00/No Mind is the inaugural debut album from ambient duo Superposition. The music immerses the listener into meditative and uplifting soundscapes allowing for a deep dive into the inner self as a countermeasure to the deluge of technological stimuli and distraction. Warm and emergent atmospheric swells steadily build and flow throughout the album in synergy […]

Outside the Dream World by Viul, from Past Inside the Present, slowly unfurls an expanse of rich ambience and aural textures. The album is a tapestry of energetic catharsis, blending uplifted and ethereal soundscapes with natural field recordings and warm processed noise. Lush melancholia permeates and evolves throughout, guided by outstretched reverberations and drones that […]

Själ is a sweeping Cello based modern classical immersion by Henrik Meierkord from Ambientologist. The arrangements are overflowing with emotion acting as counterpoint to the heartstrings of the listener. Undeniably soul stirring and powerfully evocative, the music sets the stage for warm nights in front of the crackling fire, an answer to lonely and melancholic […]

Wildlife from the Archives label founder and ambient artist Warmth, is a deep journey into the center of the forest and the inner self. Airy atmospheres gently move the leaves in the canopy above warm beds of moss-like drones that seem to sprawl endlessly across the forest floor. The weight of the music itself sinks […]

Natural Storm by Gamardah Fungus is a massive and ethereal album that balances on the edges of ambient power drone and doom metal. The slow and sludgy distorted guitars rise and fall like the giant swells of the ocean, lifting the vessel up into its textured and hazy seaspray. Modular synthesis combines with the trailing […]

Not Here by Marek Kamiński is an ambient neo-classical gem filled with textured field recordings and quietly processed static noise that borders on ASMR. Bittersweet melancholy permeates the album with minimal piano structures and subdued drawn out string and cello arrangements. The music sits inside rich soundscapes buoyed by the warmth of slowly evolving harmonic […]

Tower of Silence, by Xerxes The Dark takes the listener on a dark ambient tour through a Zoroastrian Dakhma (Tower of Silence) where the deceased are left exposed to the mercy of the harsh elements and carrion birds. The album acts as an auditory psychological excarnation and a metaphor regarding the current state of mankind […]

Equivalents by Loscil, available from Kranky, is a weighty ambient pilgrimage into dark and hazy harmonious quietude. The music flows front to back throughout the entire album without disturbance, allowing for a transcendental listening experience. Warm drone beds lay beneath a cold mist that rises and slowly moves in persistent suspension along the surface. Minimal […]

Long Read Memories by Whettman Chelmets takes a deep dive into a vast ocean of sonic recollection. Directly from the artists personal life, the album will bring an empathetic listener as close as possible to a calamitous experience without actually having lived it. Textured field recordings mix with anxious digital noise, minimal drone and sparse […]

Plum God by Austin Rockman is a subdued, minimal dark ambient album that finds the airy space between noise and quiet stillness. Beautifully mangled sound rests on the periphery of conscious awareness, pulling the mind back from untethered states with anxious and processed machinelike errors and blurred distortions of texture. The music evokes a feeling […]

Sacred Geometry by Olan Mill, from Dronarivm Records, is an ambient music representation of the delicate and graceful geometric forms and connections found in nature. A lively cacophony of sounds percolate throughout the album like the gentle chorus of enchanted forest life. The music will enrapture the listener and pull them into a sonic world […]

Otiose by Dusk Flower, is a hazy ambient drone album that seems to unfurl outwards on the first exhale of “Winters Breath”, reflecting a cold landscape with layers of warmth underneath. The music feels like gentle snow collecting on the trees and it’s ambient resonance hangs on like the last flower petals in a newly […]

“Secluded Loops” the self released ambient work from Mount Shrine is a heavy dose of warm hazy drones that sets the listener adrift on currents of soft melancholy. Filled with bittersweet moments and layers of hopeful textures, the music seems to find common ground and balance with a harsh and sometimes cruel world. Deep, gentle […]

Aleutian Canopy by French dark ambient artist Hiemal, is a subdued long-form ambient odyssey to the peaks of frozen windswept mountains and lonely landscapes. The music floats above the clouds with disdain for the civilized world below and all it’s human conflicts. Warmth for the soul, with melancholic drones and bittersweet harmonies that leaves the […]