2020 Comps

2020 Late Winter/Spring Compilations

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Australian Bushfire Compilation from Touched Music – Roel Funcken

An important and poignant compilation of amazing ambient/electronic artists curated by Roel Funcken (Funckarma) (with assistance from Julien Mier) for the Australians for Animals for Koala Habitat Fund NSW (Land Habitat Acquisition Project).

Sleeplaboratory2.0 from Whitelabrecs

Restful and immersive ambient compilation from Whitelabrecs featuring an array of very noteworthy artists and Tone Harvest favorites.

Hemispheres Volume IV from A Thousand Arms

An excellent free compilation from A Thousand Arms featuring a long list of underground post rock bands spanning the entire Western Hemisphere.

Ambient Online Themed Compilation 08: Air from Ambientonline

The 8th massive compilation from the expansive and talented pool of artists in the Ambient Online community.

Future Hymns Part 5 – ThegamesweplayUk

Deep Future Garage/Future Bass with the gravitational pull of an infinite blackhole and the energy of a supernova.

Healing Sounds II: A compilation for those in need from Past Inside The Present

An ambient music mobilization to raise funds for the Feeding America charity featuring a huge roster of well loved and empathetic underground artists.

Heights – Archives

Soaring ambient drift from artists and friends of Archives taking the listener to the highest summits above the stratus clouds.

Waiting for Spring from Elm Records

A warm compilation of thoughtful ambience to thaw out the last spots of frost beneath field and forest.

Echoes in the Valley, Vol. 1 from Valley View Records and Echoes in Blue Music

An ambient label collaboration bringing artists together to explore the dense forests of their regions.

Solitary Hymns – VAAGNER

A free compilation of beautifully emotional and hazy ambient music reflecting our current state of darkness and isolation worldwide.