A blog and playlist series offering a fine selection of tones harvested from the endless aural fields of musical cultivators. The focus is not on the freshest and most popular music produced but rather our favorites. Tone Harvest is essentially a multi genre cornucopia of brain food curated by ambient musician Hilyard.

Seasonal Hours:

Tone Harvest is a one man operation working semi off-grid in the forest of Maine. Solar power and satellite internet keep me somewhat connected. But due to the extremely short season of warmth (4 months) most of my free time is being spent working outdoors, foraging, splitting firewood, cultivating and trying to build a mostly self sustaining homestead. I also have my own music projects. For these reasons Tone Harvest will now follow the actual harvest season of this region regarding music reviews.

Spring and summer will be a bit quiet on the blog, however the playlists will continue to be updated. Please continue to submit your music for consideration. Please don’t take offense if I don’t reply or include your music. Not only is music extremely subjective, but it’s tough to work through and listen to everything let alone cover all of the hundreds of submissions. During the harvest season (late October/November) Tone Harvest will resume with reviews of only the finest musical crops (submissions and discoveries I’ve truly connected with) and continue throughout winter slowing down again in spring of the next year..

I hope you are all doing well and finding peace and positivity within yourselves, immersing yourselves in nature and cultivating growth.

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