Tone Harvest - V.A. Vol #1

Tone Harvest – V.A. Vol #1

The very first Tone Harvest Compilation is here! This album is filled with some of the talent featured on the site as well as some other rarities. The tones contained within are the best we could harvest, and the talent is incredible. You will be moved, inspired and relaxed. Enjoy the music that these composers have generously contributed and be sure to support them!

Nino Martino - Colonne sonore per gli specchi

Nino Martino – Colonne sonore per gli specchi

Italian composer Nino Martino’s “Colonne sonore per gli specchi”, is filled with drama and tension as the strings and light cinematic arrangements move the listener with powerful emotion. Although the music is exciting it exudes a pensive calm and inspires deep thought.

The Green Kingdom - Expanses

The Green Kingdom – Expanses

“Expanses” from The Green Kingdom gently rains down a cacophony of plucked strings enveloped by atmospheres of soothing tones and experimental sound. Tumbling from the clouds onto the surface of the earth, the music morphs into a deep rhythmic journey which inspires you to follow it’s heavy footsteps, even if the destination is unknown.

Near the Parenthesis - L'Eixample

Near the Parenthesis – L’Eixample

Near the Parenthesis returns just one year after “Of Soft Construction” with another stand-out electronica album of lush, warm, subtle, and pensive soundscapes.