Australian Bushfire Compilation from Touched Music – Roel Funcken An important and poignant compilation of amazing ambient/electronic artists curated by Roel Funcken (Funckarma) (with assistance from Julien Mier) for the Australians for Animals for Koala Habitat Fund NSW (Land Habitat Acquisition Project). Sleeplaboratory2.0 from Whitelabrecs Restful and immersive ambient compilation from Whitelabrecs featuring an array […]

Astrophile by Morego is a deep and rhythmic spacefaring journey to an unknown and vibrant planet far from the ills and evils of mankind. Alien soundscapes fill the atmosphere above exotic and precarious landscapes disturbed only by the cadence of research probes and scientific devices. Melodic structures form within glowing harmonic clouds like inconceivable new […]

Reverie by whatsoul? is a thick canvas painted with musical art that blends the colors of several genres. It’s foundation sits deep within bass heavy IDM and Low-Fi/Glitch-hop, caressed with ambient atmospheres and slowly breathing Neo-soul/R&B vocals from singer Melanie Guerrero. Downtempo beats and inflections of dub take the listener on a quiet self guided […]