Winter Light - ...that first season

Winter Light – …that first season

Winter has come! The cold dark stillness has enveloped much of the earth and many are seeking warmth. However warmth is not necessarily exclusive to being physical in nature. A combination of things can create a warm atmosphere for those weathering a hard freeze.


Alphaxone & Protou – Stardust

When we think of space and the cosmos what is it we hear? What do we see? Of course it’s silent, but our imaginations tend to hear that silence. This album is almost certainly what an isolated journey through the void would sound like if we were able to perceive it.

Erinome - First Snow

Erinome – First Snow

A deep subterranean tone rumbles through the earth as “The First” snow falls onto the warm ground and slowly starts to freeze. A vast drone-scape seemingly rolls across the the scenery with an otherworldly brass-like choir sounding in the distance like horns signaling an important event.

Tone Harvest - V.A. Vol #1

Tone Harvest – V.A. Vol #1

The very first Tone Harvest Compilation is here! This album is filled with some of the talent featured on the site as well as some other rarities. The tones contained within are the best we could harvest, and the talent is incredible. You will be moved, inspired and relaxed. Enjoy the music that these composers have generously contributed and be sure to support them!

thehappymask – Ruines

The melancholic distortion of “Ruines” slowly lumbers through a thick fog, making itself known in betrayal of isolation. Drawing the listener in with a profound and familiar sadness, the album explodes with emotional bursts of tragic happiness.

Massergy - The Vast Colure

Massergy – The Vast Colure

Deep, pulsating bass tones and seemingly infinite sweeps influence the mind and soul to drift pensively along “The Vast Colure”. The painful tinge of melancholy evokes strong emotions in the listener with music that is brutally honest.

Cétieu - Diptych

Cétieu – “Diptych”

Cétieu reaches far into the abyss that is isolation and brings forth long-form melancholic dronescapes that could torment the soul, If not for their majestic and subdued beauty. The darkness is kind and the setting is warm with a pensive breeze.