Winter Light - ...that first season

Winter Light – …that first season

Winter has come! The cold dark stillness has enveloped much of the earth and many are seeking warmth. However warmth is not necessarily exclusive to being physical in nature. A combination of things can create a warm atmosphere for those weathering a hard freeze.


Alphaxone & Protou – Stardust

When we think of space and the cosmos what is it we hear? What do we see? Of course it’s silent, but our imaginations tend to hear that silence. This album is almost certainly what an isolated journey through the void would sound like if we were able to perceive it.

Near the Parenthesis - L'Eixample

Near the Parenthesis – L’Eixample

Near the Parenthesis returns just one year after “Of Soft Construction” with another stand-out electronica album of lush, warm, subtle, and pensive soundscapes.