36 - Lithea

36 – Lithea

Lithea by 36 is a truly vast album that delves deep within the soul floating on soundscapes that that seem to orbit consciousness itself. The natural flow of each track truly cultivates a great listening experience and it is easy to become lost in the dreamworld, content as can be.

Darren Harper - Rising Sea

Darren Harper – Rising Sea

Floating endlessly across the “Rising Sea,” Darren Harper’s drones envelope the panicked swimmer and aid in the submergence of mind into the depths of the self conscious, transcending ever deeper over time.

Tsone - Exiles

tsone – Exiles

Fading into a wonderfully warm harmonic haze, washed out by it’s own distortion and reverb, “Exiles” from contemporary ambient composer Tsone turns out to be a little known masterpiece.

Forest Management - Upload

Forest Management – Upload

“Upload” by Forest Management opens with deep bass tones and rich layered pads speckled with the rhythmic reverberations of pops and clicks, slowly eroding any angst left over from the day.