Cétieu - Diptych

Cétieu – “Diptych”

Cétieu reaches far into the abyss that is isolation and brings forth long-form melancholic dronescapes that could torment the soul, If not for their majestic and subdued beauty. The darkness is kind and the setting is warm with a pensive breeze. Continue reading

Linear Bells – Over & Over

A minimalistic tone approaches like an interdimensional entity or apparatus, seemingly silent, awakening with a blast of earthy orchestral might cutting through the curious soundscape, communicating it’s true purpose for the visit. Coming in at 42:57, Linear Bells “Over & Over” is a truly epic drone based contemporary classical album. Continue reading

Lightsystem - Lost Language

Lightsystem – Lost Language

“Lost Language” by Lightsystem is possibly the equivalent of awakening from a deep sleep to find oneself floating in the vastness of dark matter with the only lights flowing from distant stars. And as the physical body turns over involuntarily from a slow spin in zero gravity, the earth is revealed and the vocals make you understand the importance of the human connection and bring you right back down. Continue reading

Reverberant Evenings - 2nd Report

Reverberant Evenings – 2nd Report

Reverberant Evening’s “2nd Report” slowly cascades over the edge of imagination and flows intently toward eternity. A follow up to the “1st Report”, the album proves to be a very welcome addition creating a two album series that should not be overlooked. Continue reading