Our Own Unknown is ambient sound artist Austin Rockmans full length follow up to his debut Plum God. Quiet, dusty atmospheres of electroacoustic static and gentle field recordings accentuate the warm inner layers of processed guitar notes and noise. With an experimental and divergent approach in improvised guitar style, the music maneuvers into some truly […]

“Ground. The Gentle” by Jeannine Schulz meets the listener at the edge of actuality. The intricate music fills empty space with an atmosphere of surrealism that slowly drifts to the earth like fine particles in beams of light. Diverse instrumentation and patiently sparse melodic structures are woven into this albums comforting and emotive arrangements.   […]

Not Here by Marek Kamiński is an ambient neo-classical gem filled with textured field recordings and quietly processed static noise that borders on ASMR. Bittersweet melancholy permeates the album with minimal piano structures and subdued drawn out string and cello arrangements. The music sits inside rich soundscapes buoyed by the warmth of slowly evolving harmonic […]

Backwater Revisted by Halftribe is the latest ambient release from Dronarivm Records. This album is a melancholic journey through the dark and foggy forests of the mind. The notes are suspended like dew drops at the ends of fragile leaves, held by branches of melodic structures weaving throughout the canopy. Each track breathes deep in […]