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Winter Light - ...that first season

Winter has come! The cold dark stillness has enveloped much of the earth and many are seeking warmth. However warmth is not necessarily exclusive to being physical in nature. A combination of things can create a warm atmosphere for those weathering a hard freeze. This compilation from the label Winter Light is the perfect accompaniment to winter hibernation. Filled to the brim with longform magic from a whole crew of talented artists, some of which I listen to on a daily basis, such as Mathias Grassow (twice daily for meditation).

 The amber glow of my wood stove reflects dancing light into the shadows as the dense music fills the room. Outside in the harsh Maine winter, the forest is frozen solid with thick layers of slick ice. Some of the ominous sounds created by a few of the artists are a reminder of the dangerous realities of the terrain. A constant flurry drifts down from low lying gray clouds consistently creating fresh blankets of snow. The sun peers through the darkness once in a while melting the top layer, only to refreeze again minutes later. The chimney coughs smoke into the sky which then slowly falls to ground level in a sort of choreographed dispersal. Meanwhile the thick dronescapes seep through and quietly meander through the trees that crack loudly as the temperature drops lower.

…that first season, is a very well put together compilation and expertly mastered. Every track has it’s own unique characteristics with each artists signature sound being apparent. That being said, the tracks flow together nicely as a whole and it is easy to lose track of time while listening. This is definitely a scene setter for the season and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Staff picks:

Jeff Stonehouse


Michael Brückner & Mathias Grassow


The DCD comes in a beautiful 8-panel full color digi-pack and is also available as a digital download. Strictly limited to 500 copies!


Heavy Snow

1.1 Seetyca – The Stars

1.2 Gydja – Krapadrífa ok snáka sótt

1.3 Phantom Ship – Entanglement (version)

1.4 Foetusdreams – Ignis Fatuum

1.5 Nexus Sun – Estive

1.6 ABBILDUNG – Om Ter Om

1.7 Charadriiform & Filivs Macrocosmi – Drifting Stations

1.8 VelgeNaturlig – Golden

1.9 Rapoon – Tal-Gel Isolde


Long Shadows

2.1 Jeff Stonehouse – These Promises

2.2 Havdis – Borea

2.3 Apocryphos – Sesam In Winter Lights

2.4 Strom Noir – Not Everything Dies

2.5 Kloob – A Special Glow

2.6 Michael Brückner & Mathias Grassow – The Fall Of Leaves

2.7 Hakobune – Shimoyo