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Fading into a wonderfully warm harmonic haze, washed out by it’s own distortion and reverb, “Exiles” from contemporary ambient composer Tsone turns out to be a little known masterpiece.

Exiles has a perfect amount tension and release with driving distortion and chordal progressions that segue into glitchy otherworldly soundscapes. Decaying loops and processed samples overlay the depth of the pads and drones creating a wide stereo-field with everything spaced out just right. There’s plenty of room for the listener to find a good spot and allow themselves to be encompassed by the tonal serenity. At times there is a bit of harsh noise but it is employed just right so that it is not abrasive. This album sometimes demands your undivided attention with it’s powerful sound palette and emotion. But it never comes across in an uncomfortable or abrupt way, most times it is truly transcendental.

Anthony Obr, otherwise known as Tsone, also has a side project called Horizons which is focused entirely on meditation drones. I found out from the composer that the 20 minute drones were inspired by his zazen practice and that he “originally made these drones for personal use, but I thought I should share them with the world.” (Anthony Obr) I am personally glad that he did because I practice transcendental meditation twice daily for 20 minutes and these 6 tracks are timed and composed perfectly for a deep experience.

Both Tsone’s Exiles and the Horizons project are must haves, but there is a large discography to dig through as well.  I am sure that the talent and quality of output will not soon die and we can rest assured that Anthony’s discography will grow ever larger.