Stories From Elsewhere

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Rhian Sheehan - Stories From Elsewhere

This literal sonic orchestra will sweep you off your feet, and by the time you reach “The Upper Sky” you will be filled with so much emotion that you will beg for its release, the rest of the album grants just that. And the listener floats on the relief and is lifted to a higher realm. The album “Stories from Elsewhere” by Rhian Sheehan is an incredibly stunning piece of experimental art utilizing any and all instruments and noise makers. Rhian Sheehan is pushing the boundaries of modern classical, and the music box-like magic that sparkles through is an enchanting element that really finalizes the surreality this album creates. 

Recorded & engineered by Rhian Sheehan at DeepSpace Studios Miramar Wellington, NZ. Mixed by Rhian Sheehan & Lee Prebble. Drums & aditional guitar recorded & engineered by Lee Prebble.