2nd Report

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Reverberant Evening’s “2nd Report” slowly cascades over the edge of imagination and flows intently toward eternity. A follow up to the “1st Report”, the album proves to be a very welcome addition creating a two album series that should not be overlooked.

The wonderfully warm minimalistic approach to Reverberant Evening’s ambient drone music is fine tuned and seamless. Each track evolves naturally and blends into the next creating a long-form journey on the trails of composer Ayakah’s mind. I cannot pick out a favorite track as this album is best listened to in full. Once it starts playing it seems a bit difficult to find the motivation to turn it off, as there is never a good reason to do so. This album is worth every second of time spent, it’s a healthy choice to just lay back and clear the mind whether for meditation purposes or focus for studying/reading.

But 2nd Report is more than just background music. It is impossible not to become completely immersed in Reverberant Evening’s overflow of airy tension and emotional movement.  As the light wind calms from the opening track Born in Heaven, the deep tones of Twice In The River set the listener up for a much deeper musical experience walking the borders of the sub-conscious. This style of composition and production is so incredibly powerful, it’s hard to find another form of music that can be so moving and so content in itself at the same time.

Reverberent Evenings have a small discography consisting of the 1st and 2nd Reports. Each album is a gem and much like the music, sometimes less is more. With two strong albums and no fluff there’s not much to dislike about this project.