The Vast Colure

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Massergy - The Vast Colure

Deep, pulsating bass tones and seemingly infinite sweeps influence the mind and soul to drift pensively along “The Vast Colure”. The painful tinge of melancholy evokes strong emotions in the listener with music that is brutally honest.

The intense energy that comes from Eric Jensen’s music is extreme and the deep tones are indeed massive, hence the pen name Massergy. His overwhelmingly moving compositions are improvised and brought to life using all hardware, handcrafted with little processing. To be completely honest this album contains some of the most powerful music you can get your hands on. The raw human feel in an otherwise electrical dream world is really cosmic in every sense of the word. Something very spiritual has happened here between the composer and his art.

The Vast Colure is the first official release from Massergy whose music emanates from the wilderness of Austin Texas. Available on Arecibo Records, this album is an absolute must. I can only imagine the importance of The Vast Colure within the genre once the music catches on, and it will. Although the artist is very fresh and the discography is small, you can still find a good amount of music on Massergy’s soundcloud page and his more experimental/improvisational work under the name, Tonauac. You can also find a really great collaborative effort between Massergy and Ajna below.

“The Vast Colure” is a truly epic journey that seems to transcend the earth and cosmos entirely. But, as exciting as the album is from “Dust Pillar” all the way to “Chanran Shah”, there is an unmistakable calming effect which soothes the spirit.