Over & Over

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 A minimalistic tone approaches like an interdimensional entity or apparatus, seemingly silent, awakening with a blast of earthy orchestral might cutting through the curious soundscape, communicating it’s true purpose for the visit. Coming in at 42:57, Linear Bells “Over & Over” is a truly epic drone based contemporary classical album.

David Teboul, a multi-instrumentalist from Nantes, France, has created a great blend of organic instrumentation, field recordings and sound manipulation otherwise known as Linear Bells. His latest release from Subterranean Tide Records, Over & Over, adds to an even more epic discography. Each album is a gem in it’s own right. But is this album Linear Bell’s Crowning moment? I’d like to think so, and it very well may be.

This single track album was patiently composed and beautifully arranged with mesmerizing instrumental performances and ethereal processing techniques. The long-form aspect adds to the beauty and the album comes across more like a drama rather than a few short stories compiled together. This electroacoustic project should be found in every contemporary music lover’s playlist. The artist is unfortunately not very well known yet but I have a strong feeling this album will spread far and wide.

With so much music to explore, Linear Bells proves to be a force in the genre and is making some waves. “Over & Over” is the epitome of modern classical music, complete with just the right amount of melancholy and intrigue.