Lost Language

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Lightsystem - Lost Language

“Lost Language”  by Lightsystem is possibly the equivalent of awakening from a deep sleep to find oneself floating in the vastness of dark matter with the only lights flowing from distant stars. And as the physical body turns over involuntarily from a slow spin in zero gravity, the earth is revealed and the vocals make you understand the importance of the human connection and bring you right back down.

From Glossalia to Reflections, California’s Lightsystem have put together a much anticipated follow-up to their self-titled demo EP and Single,  Another Way To Step. All of which can be found on bandcamp. While I’d like to think I am good friends with these guys, I have only talked to them through the wires as they are on the west coast and I’m on the east. But I hold a special place in my heart for this band as I found their music at a time I really needed it. And I’m sure you will find that post-rock/ambient elements mixed with metal and alternative values are well balanced and give the listener a progressive trip through many emotions and moods, from anger to complete calm.

This eight track album is an important milestone in Lightsystem’s career. Lost Language  has cemented their feet into the scene as an extremely strong band with an apparently great live set. The musicianship and production value are top notch making sure the listener is enveloped with distant reverbed guitar melodies, driving and intricate drum patterns and punishing heavy riffs. Massive comes to mind when describing this album, yet at the same time it has a delicate nature to it within the soundscapes, guitars and vocal harmonizations.  This is yet another album that was made for a full listen as there is no filler and one track is not enough.