Between Spaces

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Lights Dim with Gallery Six - Between Spaces

Moving easily between drone-scapes, ambient guitar and piano this beautiful album from Kraków, Poland’s Lights Dim and Hiroshima Japan’s Gallery Six is an absolute must have for fans of the project and genre.

The album begins with “Echoes Of The Ongoing Riot” a vast wall of soothing sound which slowly builds to reveal gentle guitar strums and a sweet gliding guitar solo. Each track is beautifully composed and well performed creating an amazing electroacoustic journey from beginning to end. This is one of those albums that you can put on repeat and not realize you have listened to it 10 times already. It’s definitely good to know that both Lights Dim and Gallery Six have a few albums to explore.

Between Spaces is an extremely interesting record utilizing a number of different instruments and processing techniques, along with some amazing sound design and field recordings. Hard to become bored with something full of many different noises and nuances.  Its soundscapes have a dangerous depth that one could fall into and not be found for a while. The surrealistic nature of each track is breathtaking. Pensive and melancholic piano structures give way to uplifting sweeps and serene visual settings.

With releases and ties to labels like Preserved Sound and Audio Gourmet, you can be assured that Lights Dim/Gallery Six – Between Spaces is a great product with high production value. So, let the lights dim and ease into another realm, one of substance and repose.