Nebulous Sequences

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Hakobune - Nebulous Sequences

Quite a few months ago, I was having trouble sleeping and turned on Ambient Sleeping Pill for some quiet sleep-scapes. A gentle track by Hakobune came on and with a few deep breaths I was swept into its sleepy undercurrent.

Hakobune is an ambient drone artist residing in Hyogo, Japan who uses processed guitar layers in order to create some of the most serene drones you could imagine.  Nebulous Sequences stays true to his voice and the journey is grand and expansive in its simplicity. The artwork accents the music beautifully with its grey haze and lumbering trees tucked away within the  fog. The album is a quiet and comforting trip through this surreal landscape, each track moving silently to the next with no distraction, only purpose and intent.

This album and genre are perfect for those with great imaginations and busy minds, this music is the foundation for creating dream worlds and refuge from harsh realities. And that is exactly what Takahiro Yorifuji has done for us. He has created a subdued soundtrack to our thoughts and emotions and allows his music to be malleable enough to be able to shape it into our own meaning.  So far track #2, #5 and #6 are my favorites but I can guarantee that will change as I keep listening and my moods and perceptions change. Good music can be a lot to take in all at once. This is one such album; its power makes you want to absorb every nuance and under tone without letting any part of it go to waste.

Released by VoxxoV Records and mastered by Ian Hawgood, Nebulous Sequences comes highly recommended and its comforting music is great for tired folk working hard out in the cold.