Rising Sea

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Darren Harper - Rising Sea

Floating endlessly across the “Rising Sea,” Darren Harper’s drones envelope the panicked swimmer and aid in the submergence of mind into the depths of the self conscious, transcending ever deeper over time.

This two track album is comprised of gentle auditory waves, slowly rising and falling back into themselves. The currents are strong yet they avoid aggression, moving the listener further away from societal norms and closer to the natural world. Mastered by Jason (offthesky) Corder, these two long-form ambient compositions are gentle on the ears and have a truly immersive sound quality.

Darren Harper’s electroacoustic compositions flow down from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where he and nature coexist peacefully. His latest album, “Rising Sea” is a limited edition 3″ cd-r which comes in a hand stamped envelope complete with a card and album art. Limited to 50 copies, there are now only 8 available through Twice Removed Records; however, you may also purchase the digital version. This is a must-own album along with his other releases such as Passages for the Listless and Tired (Dronarivm) and Awaken my Heart to a Belief in Hope (Analogpath).

“Rising Sea” is an album that should not be overlooked—the same goes for the composer/artist himself. The music is naturally beautiful, its organic features and soft undertones creating vast layers of sonic serenity and exploration.