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Cétieu - Diptych

Cétieu reaches far into the abyss that is isolation and brings forth long-form melancholic dronescapes that could torment the soul, If not for their majestic and subdued beauty. The darkness is kind and the setting is warm with a pensive breeze.

Peering through the darkness, gazing silently, Tekla Mrozowicka keeps watch over her listeners with a stunning self portrait of her very own eye. A variation of this art is found on the album Espero que nos veamos pronto (Hope to see you soon) as well as Que porque bailo y porque veo el amanecer (That because I dance and because I see the sunrise) . However, the “Diptych” is represented by Bruno Janiszewski’s beautiful haze laden trees as seen above. This marriage of minimalist visual art and music creates a perfect dreamworld free from pain but very aware of it’s existence. These albums are not for the faint of heart, and were created for the most die-hard ambient lovers.

My absolute favorite track so far is “De aquí a ocho días” from the first release, Espero que nos veamos pronto. This composition has quickly become one of my most played tracks as of late and sounds incredible on headphones. The slowly evolving and vastly harmonious drone buries itself into your mind and body and it becomes a part of you for a while.  Both albums are well crafted with patience and love and can be found at the Cétieu bandcamp page listed as “name-your-price”. Cétieu has a solid discography of great music and art to dig through and Tekla Mrozowicka’s three name moniker, Técieu/Cétieu/Éctieu allows for two other great projects to explore within the experimental/noise and dub/techno genres.

Cétieu is quickly becoming an important asset to the ambient scene and the music industry in general. The artist, Tekla Mrozowicka, can be found in her home country of Poland creating music and being heavily involved in the local scene with the concert series The Dark Side of Warsaw and the magazine WAVE.