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There have been many space themed ambient albums made within the genre as the two naturally go hand in hand. But very few actually create that space in a way that seems natural. However, some, like Stardust seem as if they’ve always existed somewhere hidden and out of reach. Cryo Chamber’s latest release from Alphaxone & ProtoU brings that reality of outer space crashing inwards.

When we think of space and the cosmos what is it we hear? What do we see? Of course it’s silent, but our imaginations tend to hear that silence. This album is almost certainly what an isolated journey through the void would sound like if we were able to perceive it.

A deep soft hum vibrates throughout the universe passing its unknown energy through animated and inanimate objects seemingly suspended in limbo. Lonely satellites gently creak in orbit around planets we can almost reach out and touch. Distant galaxies and black holes slowly churn under the weight of their own mass creating endless string-like reverberations and resonant wails. Radioactive waves crackle as we pass through the gaze of giant dwarf stars padded by the heavy gasses of an unraveling nebula. In the distance and all around is a perpetual billowing and disintegration of light specks forming a dense cloud of Stardust on a vast bed of dark matter.

 The audible journey for the listener is incredible and this collaborative release from Iran’s Alphaxone and Ukraine’s Protou is a strong gravitational pull into the event horizon.

Released on Cryo Chamber, January 24th, 2017

Written, produced & performed by – Mehdi Saleh & Sasha Cats

Artwork & mastering by Simon Heath